EVENTS (2017-18)

Starting Date: 27-10-17 Ending Date: 27-10-17

Number of Participants:200

One Day National Faculty Development Programme on Goods & Service Tax (GST)

One Week FDP on Skilling Program for Teachers- Developing Transformational Skills

Starting Date: 15-12-17 Ending Date: 27-12-17

Number of Participants:34

Starting Date: 05-03-18 Ending Date: 11-03-18

Number of Participants:42

Faculty Development Program on Skill Based Teachers Training in ICT,IPR and Research

Workshop on Human Rights and Environment

Starting Date: 14-03-18 Ending Date: 20-03-18

Number of Participants:43

Starting Date: 22-03-18 Ending Date: 23-03-18

Number of Participants:97

Two Days Conference on “Leadership in Organizations Contemporary Concerns and Key Developments